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Паспорт, разрешение на выезд за границу (ребенка)

If we are talking about a trip outside our country, there is a problem of preparation of documents that give permission to take child abroad Ukraine with one of the parents, other family members of the child or other persons or taking the child abroad for permanent residence.

Border crossing rules for citizens of Ukraine state that if children are under sixteen years old at the time of the trip, then travel to another country with one of the parents, or with a parent after divorce in Ukraine, may be conducted only after showing to border guards such a document as a “written consent” of the second parent, certified by a notary, indicating the country of destination and the appropriate time period of stay of the child in this country. The above rule reveals the essence of obtaining consent to taking child out of country. If, for example, the father remains at home, he must apply to any notary in Ukraine and, provide information that should be reflected in the consent: surname, name, patronymic, other data from passport, mother’s data, child’s data, the name of the country in which they are going and the date of the trip and then he should issue a written consent. A separate consent is issued for each child. When you go to the notary, you should take passport, certificate of identification code, birth certificate of the child. It is desirable to take at least a copy of the passport and the certificate of assignment of the identification code of the second spouse, to avoid errors when writing their data in the contest.

If the child cannot obtain permission to travel abroad because of the unwillingness of the second parent, it is possible to go to court and get the appropriate decision. It should be understood that the trial may be delayed. So, you should not go to court before the planned trip, but as early as possible, so that the decision should be already entered into force at the time of crossing the border.

When the child goes abroad, accompanied by people who are not the parents of the child: grandparents, nannies, teachers, coaches, etc., consent to taking child out of Ukraine is given by both parents. It is also certified by a notary. It specifies the name of the country of destination and the period of stay.

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