Privacy policy

Our Company observes the clients’ confidentiality issues very seriously. We understand that the Company’s success depends on the reliably level of their rights protection, personal data and other information non-disclosure. Our specialists do their best to ensure the most convenient, pleasant and easy to use full set of features for our users available at the Website.
We use our Website Visitors’ personal information, accumulated during the registration procedure, for proper performance of the requested services in accordance with clients’ requests. Only in the cases stipulated by the current legislation and in the established manner, the stored information may be partially disclosed. In each case, the Company undertakes to notify the client promptly.

What kind of information is accumulated

In the course of voluntary registration, the visitor fills in his/her name and e-mail address where, as a rule, we forward the mailing the client is interested in.

What are the data stored for

The name, filled in by the client at registration, is used by the Company for the correct access to it in the process of answering the questions asked. The user’s e-mail is necessary for sending commercial offers, interesting news, useful materials, as well as conducting correspondence aimed at maximizing the satisfaction of our customers’ information needs.

How are the data used

The available data serve to gather information about visitors’ the most frequent activities. On the basis of the analysis of the information obtained, our specialists are taking measures to improve the content and functionality of the website as well as improve the user content quality.
At any time, the client can change the settings of the browser at its discretion and in such a way that it could blocks all files or send a notification about their sending. It should be kept in mind that some services and features will function improperly.

How are the data protected

For the purpose of ensuring reliable protection of the accumulated information on the registered users, we apply both technical and administrative-and-managerial security measures. Our Company uses the latest methods of information protection to ensure the international control standards in this field.
Employees of the company, responsible for the data protection, undergo qualified trainings to ensure proper monitoring of the storage conditions and use of the available data. Each of them is familiar the applicable Notice of Privacy Practices and serves to fully comply with them.
It should be kept in mind that in spite of our efforts, the reliable protection of the client’s personal data is our common task. The user, at its own part, should take all reasonable precautions during Internet sessions.
We do our best to ensure the security of our systems and network, preventing unauthorized leakage of the available personal data. But we cannot give a 100% guarantee that the measures we take will prevent the data leakage in case of the Website hacker attack.
In case of changes made to the Privacy Policy, customers can become familiar with them by visiting our Website. in case of emergency, the information about the changes will be sent to the E-mails.