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The emotional state of spouses during divorce does not always allow them to assess the situation correctly in order to make adequate and balanced decisions. These are moments when you need a lawyer of the law company. “Alliance of family lawyers ” in Kiev is ready to provide its assistance to citizens in need of legal protection. The gained experience and timely familiarization with innovations in family law allows each of our divorce lawyers to apply their knowledge about divorce in Ukraine skillfully and professionally.

Why do you need divorce lawyer in Ukraine? If the court does not consider issues of the division of property, or children rights, then it is possible to limit the legal advice of our lawyer. However, if you fight for some property or for the children rights, then our divorce lawyer will be able to act as a full representative of your interests in court.

The participation of a lawyer will not only protect you from unpleasant and exhausting trials, but will also ensure a positive decision in the shortest possible time.

The assistance of a divorce attorney is expressed in the commission of certain actions aimed at achieving the goal set by the client. Depending on each specific situation, we are ready to provide the following services:

  • clarification of the current legislation in the field of family law;
  • preparation of documents for divorce through the registry office;
  • formation and proper execution of evidence;
  • preparation of a statement of claim;
  • negotiations for pre-trial settlement of disputes;
  • reduction of the time during which it is possible to issue a divorce; ensuring a “turnkey” divorce proceedings, that is, without the presence of the client in court;
  • control of the course of the trial, responding quickly to changes in the legal position of the other party;
  • drawing up a contract of the order of education and maintenance of common children according to the results of agreements between the spouses with the participation of a lawyer;
  • the order of maintenance and the amount of alimony for children support;
  • the order of maintenance and the amount of alimony for the maintenance of wife;
  • the division of common property.

The cost of a solicitor depends on various factors and is formed taking into account the venue of representative functions and the volume of work to be done. The final price of divorce will be determined on a case-by-case basis, based on the task set by the client to the lawyer and the time for solving it. The components of the cost of divorce are the price of our lawyer’s services plus legal costs in the amount provided by the state. You don’t have to pay additional costs!

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