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The lawyers of the "Alliance of Family Lawyers" provide the gollowing:

Услуги Услуги

Timely legal advice can help you avoid negative consequences (loss of time, waste of excess funds, and adoption of unfair judicial decisions).

Save time and energy for a new life! We will take care of everything. Simply contact us!

In the course of consultation? you will receive the following:

Detailed analysis of your legal situation

A list of necessary documents

Assistance in determining the primary claims of each party

Information regarding the methods of resolving the case from the legal perspective

Identification of risks and search for pitfalls

Rapid assessment of the probability of success in the case and the approximate duration of the resolution of the issue

We are interested in peaceful settlement of disputes. We are not only concerned with the legal side of the issues, but we also consider the human factor. Our lawyers are experienced and effective psychologists who care about the emotional state of our clients and always try to resolve conflicts primarily via pretrial negotiations.

Расторжение брака Расторжение брака

Dissolution of marriage

Are the conflicts in your family prevail over the positive emotions? Are the walls of your home permeated with negativity, quarrels, and screams? Are you tired and warn out? Do you wish for this hell to end?

If it comes to divorce, weigh all the pros and cons. Think about the most suitable approach to handle the situation.

The best-case scenario is when you peacefully agree to divorce, apply to the register office, and obtain the desired outcome in a short period of time. However, court intervention may be necessary in certain cases (e.g. if the parties have underage children). That is when you should consider hiring a lawyer.

How can our lawyers assist you during the divorce:

Correctly draw up a statement of claim for submission to court

Participate in the litigation defending your interests

Defend your rights and accompany you all the way to the final decision from the beginning to the end of the marriage dissolution process

Divivsion of property

Раздел имущества

Division of property is an extremely painful phase of the divorce process. Spouses rarely reach a common understanding and petty quarrels associated with division of property suck the life force out of the parties.

Ask yourself the following questions: Why should you waste your time and energy worrying about disputes over material wealth? Why should you spend your life experiencing constant stress and anxiety? Why bother if the legal assistance of our specialists can help you avoid the aforementioned?

In the course of consultation? our lawyers:

Взыскание алиментов

Recovery of alimony payments

If a couple has children, this significantly changes the situation and complicates the divorce. Most often, this is a real tragedy for a child. Recovery of alimony payments is the most painful stage of divorce. It determines not only your future, but also the future of your child. A little life that depends on you entirely is in the hands of the parents, and then — the court.

Take it seriously! Obtain advice from our lawyers to create an action plan and a strategy for the divorce process right now.

In the course of the consultation? our lawyers:

Раздел имущества
  • Deal with the dispute over the child’s place of residence
  • Determine the sources of the defendant’s income (if necessary, send attorney’s inquiries);
  • Determine the types of child-related expenses and prepare documents confirming the necessary costs;
  • This is followed by a trial, during which our lawyers obtain the necessary confidential information regarding the defendant through filing motions and discover all the pitfalls.

Why should you choose us?

Narrow specialization

We assess every situation through the prism of 5 years of experience dealing with cases of all levels of complexity in the field of family law. In the course of cooperation, your case will be handled by a lawyer who has had years of practice in this field.


Both, legal and emotional. We know that any divorce represents constant stress, eats away nerve cells, and creates a lot of hassle. In addition to the complex support provided during the process itself, our lawyers demonstrate understanding and put your interests first.

Guaranteed results

During the consultation, our lawyers will determine the risks and the probability of success in the case. We do not make empty promises. There are hopeless situations (e.g. recovery of alimony payments from an insolvent spouse). In any case, we will provide recommendations that will help you in the future, and we will do our best to help you.


We sincerely believe that we will make your life easier for you and make you happier. Therefore, our mission is as follows: provision of legal assistance in any disputes concerning family law. We will do everything for you.

Saving time and money

Professional legal assistance will prevent waste of resources and efforts. A positive outcome will completely offset the resources expended on the services provided by our law firm.

Individual approach

Any case is woven from details and nuances as well as contradictions and facts. For us, every client is special, and we appreciate your uniqueness.

5 years on the market
670 over customers
100% quality guarantee

Your defenders

Андрей Савченко

Andrey Savchenko Education: Faculty of Law of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (2008). Experience: 12 years. Advocate: since 2012. Specialization: civil and family law.

Александра Лищук

Alexandru Lischuk Education: Faculty of Law of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (2014). Experience: 6 years. Specialization: civil and family law.

Дмитрий Карпенко

Dmitriy Karpenko Education: Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine (2009). Experience: 10 years. Advocate: since 2012. Specialization: civil and family law.

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Ukraine, Kyiv,
Yevhen Konovalets Street, 36 d,
Khvylia, BC

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